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Providing onsite computer service that customers rave about takes a special kind of technician. Not only do they need to have the well-rounded skills to take whatever might be thrown at them, and have access to the tools to get the job done, but they also need to be able to translate their findings into plain English. Nothing is worse than someone coming into your home or business to fix your computer, and you don't feel comfortable with what they're saying. Or even worse, you can't understand them.

A seasoned onsite technician has just these qualities, and can explain to you in plain English what the problem is, as well as the resolution.

Here are some things to look for when choosing a company to repair your computer or network in your home or business:
  1. Do they show up timely?
    Most onsite technicians have their appointments stacked up the previous night for the upcoming day. If a technician arrives late at your location, it can often mean they ran into technical difficulties at their previous appointment. While the occasional unknown circumstance may occur, it certainly shouldn't be the norm.

  2. Are they technicians, or sales-people?
    Does the technician spend time fixing the problem for you, or is the bulk of the time spent trying to sell you needless items? It's important for an onsite technician to spot problems before they occur and make recommendations, and RedSeven will make brief recommendations from our findings. However, you should never feel pressured into an uncomfortable situation.

  3. Was the work completed timely?
    It's difficult for a non-technical person to guage how long a repair should take, even though you may have an a certain preconception. If you feel like the repair took longer than you had anticipated, you should be able to ask the technician for details and get a response that makes sense to you.

Surpisingly, one very unimportant piece is the hourly rate. A company charging $40/hour taking 10 hours to repair a problem is more expensive and time-consuming than another charging $120/hour able to resolve the issue in only two hours. What's ultimately important is the value that you receive in exchange for the final price. It is this aspect, with it's highly skilled team and competitive pricing, that RedSeven is able to provide the most value in our repairs and recommendations.

Please contact us for more information.

Onsite Service Rate: $99/hour.
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