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Dell & RedSeven Push Linux


Computer Giant Confirms What Local Business, RedSeven, Knew All Along.

(PHOENIX, May 11, 2007) - History is inundated with stories of dynasties that ruled over their times and industries with a powerful grip that left witnesses and challengers alike awed and intimidated. But whether it was the Romans, Aztecs, Standard Oil, or the New York Yankees, all dynasties had one thing in common - they all came to an end. While Microsoft may not be running up the white flag just yet, London-based Ubuntu and its Linux-based operating systems are now at the gates and ready to lay siege.

With Dell's announcement earlier this month of offering Ubuntu 7.04 (a version of Linux) instead of Microsoft Windows on selected desktop and notebook products, Linux can now count the computer giant, along with Hewlett Packard, as an ally in bringing its free, open-source software to a larger, worldwide audience. Leading the charge is Phoenix-based RedSeven Computer Sales and Service, the first specialized retail store of Linux based computers in the United States, as well as the most visible distributor here in the Valley.

"With both Dell and HP beginning to offer Linux-based computers, it is clear that Linux and Open Source Software is in the best interest of most consumers,” said Michael Cady, President of RedSeven. “There is no way Dell would have damaged their relationship with Microsoft if Linux wasn't a big deal and a legitimate product for their customers and clients."

An alternative to expensive programs like Office, Quicken and Photoshop, Linux-based software is free and built from within by users/developers around the world. Its open-source technology is legally protected to ensure that programs are available to everyone - meaning customers can pick and choose from thousands of applications running the gamut from word processing, to multimedia players, to graphics editing, to games and edu-tainment. Linux has proven itself to be a safer operating system, being resistant to virus and spyware. Upgrades and updates are also available for free.

RedSeven can convert a Windows PC to Linux and offers new or re-certified PCs and Laptops with hundreds of Linux applications pre-installed.

“Obviously there is a slight learning curve to Linux, but it is worth it to be virus free and never have to buy programs again?” Mr. Cady explained. “Half of a typical computer user’s budget goes towards new software. With Linux, you are allowed and encouraged to copy and share their programs.”

For more information and interview opportunities regarding Ubuntu and other Linux-based products, contact Brian Killgore at (480) 235-1491 or [email protected]

About RedSeven:
RedSeven has showrooms in Phoenix, Mesa and Tempe. Come in for a test drive of Linux and sample its free, easy-to-use programs. For more information, call 602-296-1200, or visit www.redsevenlinux.com.

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