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Why Compromise? Own Both!

$995 Combo Meal Includes:
- Re-certified business-grade Laptop with WiFi
- Re-certified Desktop PC with DVD Burner
- New 19" Wide Screen LCD
- New Keyboard/Mouse/Speakers
- Free Delivery & Setup
- Unlimited In-Store Service and a Warranty!

From: $299 Down & $59 Month!
(Debited monthly from your checking account*)

Combo Benefits:

Recycle - Get trade-in value for your old PC.

Up-time - Two machines means little or no downtime.

Flexibility - Mobility of a laptop, plus the power and comfort of a real PC. (keyboard, mouse, large screen).

Share - Someone else at home might like their own PC?

Value - Get two re-certified, brand-name, business-grade systems with a warranty FOR LESS than a single entry-level, consumer-grade, new laptop.

*See store for financing details.

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